Words Yet Flow!

So, some of you already know this, but I have been working on children’s books lately.  At first, I expected it to be a pretty boring process: type some stuff about some animals doing some things and add pictures.  Tada!  Children shall be entertained!

However, I have actually been having a lot of fun with this project!  Much to my surprise,
it’s very easy to take some of the adult and real-world struggles that I remember also facing as a child in some fashion, and show these adorable creatures in my head as they work through them in the most innocent ways possible.  It’s amazing, I realize, how simple those solutions really are when you take out all the complicated thoughts that go along with them.

I learned long ago while writing my novel that, even though I am the author and am supposed to be in control of what happens in my stories, -real- characters will always do whatever they want.  That is the key to immersion, more than anything, is knowing that every character has a life and mind of their own, and letting them respond to things freely while my hands serve only as the vessels for their actions as they play out in my head.

With these children’s books, it’s very much the same: each character must play their part in order to bring the story to the proper (and always happy) close.  It’s surprisingly fulfilling to create a team of characters that is the recipe for success (with the one or two who are temporarily causing whatever problem needs to be solved), even if the moral is something so simple as “spend time with your friends”.  Portraying that meaning through a series of brief and simple actions has, in a way, helped me to refine my own thoughts on how to deal with my problems.  It’s amazing how simple it is to put things to words for children, to teach them the proper way to deal with things that we, as adults, still struggle with.

The innocence I’m finding myself writing with, as well, is incredibly refreshing.  No dragons or demons or dark lords of evil and chaos trying to destroy the world: just the simple concept of how to be a good person.  It is a theme that I feel gets overcomplicated often, when it really is very simple to be a decent human being.


Last Resort

Here i41oXrVykPgL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_s to hoping that this is the first chapter of the rest of my life.

I had originally wanted my first publication to be my novel, the first in a series of fantasy books.  Things don’t always work out how we plan, however, and I got this wild craving to reread some of the old poetry that I had written.  And behold!  The first thing published under my name now exists, a short collection of poetry from the past ten years or so of my life.

The primary focus of the ones I included in this book were to show some of the struggles of living with a mental illness.  I know, likely not the most flattering thing for me to be showing off to the world.  However, I do feel it’s a highly misunderstood topic, and it likely always will be.  The intent of the book is less to get my own feelings out there, and more to hopefully catch the eye of the people who need to understand that they are not the only ones who think in those ways.  Many people suffer from diagnosed and undiagnosed issues: anxiety, depression, paranoia, PTSD.  It is very common to feel so alone in that struggle, and reading or hearing words that someone else says that sound like your own can often be the only relief from that loneliness.

My book, Last Resort, is available on Amazon for a measly $2.99 for download.  Just click the title to get started.

I want to say, before closing, that I really appreciate everyone’s support in this, especially my sister.  She has read and reread these poems so many times in order to help me refine and proofread, and she has been the greatest source of both constructive and positive feedback.