5 Signs the Guy You’re With is a Waste of Time


He’s not supporting himself, but “will be soon”.  He’s got so much potential, and there’s always a new plan to make a lot of money.  Even so, somehow you’re still paying for every date, and probably driving him everywhere, too.

After you made it official, he turned out to be a completely different person.  He tells you all of these cool hobbies that he has and skills he’s gained, yet you’ve never once seen him do any of them.  For someone who said they don’t drink, he probably spends a lot of time at the bar.

Some things just don’t add up.  Most of what you know about him, you learned through conversation.  Now that you’ve spent some time together, you’re starting to wonder if he’s the person he made himself out to be.

He doesn’t see the problem with innocent flirting with girls that aren’t you.  While at dinner, he cracks a flirtatious line to the waitress.  You’re offended, but he doesn’t seem to understand why that would bother you.  He may even try to make you feel bad for being offended in the first place.

When you start to talk about your day, he picks up his phone.  He says that he’s listening, but he never seems to have much to contribute to the conversation.  Most days, a simple “yeah, tell me about it” is the most you’ll get out of him unless the conversation is about him.


This list is incomplete, and will be added to and elaborated on very soon.  I am posting this preemptively to maintain my copyrights.


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