Student Teacher – Commission

I was commissioned to write this, but they didn’t want to pay for the copyrights.  Given that fact, I am posting them here both to show it off, and to maintain my ownership.

How I learn and teach are intertwined in many ways.

It’s important what I do.  It’s important what I say.

Each word or image that I use, hoping to convey

A thought, fact, or opinion that I need to relay,

Can effect each student in many different ways.

Personally, I prefer to learn visually,

Through pictures or videos, and other imagery.

When I am studying I find, it’s easier for me

To learn on any subject if there’s something I can see.

It helps me to have maps and graphs that show explicitly

The things I need to understand unequivocally.

I know that, in my teaching, I will use this diligently.

However, should a student not learn well in this way,

I will ask them what would help them, and listen to what they say.

I intend to change my methods to cater to the class,

And ensure they’re all secure with questions they might ask.

I also learn much better with a group on any project.

With groups, I know, there is no negative effect.

This method of learning is something that, I suspect,

Will aid all of my students, no matter the subject.

I like the way that groups help people to connect.

Working in them teaches how to treat others with respect.

Of our own futures, we are the architects,

But even architects have teams; they do not work unchecked.

Respect amongst my students is crucial, indeed.

They know that, in my classroom, they will have the help they need.

It’s important that I show them respect, and that they respect me

As well as trusting each other to work together as a team.

People cannot learn without someone to teach them first,

Which means that nobody learns alone; information is dispersed.

By putting them in groups, they have to deal with the worst

If they want to get the best grade, for which they all will thirst.

Because of this respect, my methods are effective.

Through quizzes and assessments, this will be reflected.

I intend to monitor the progress of each person

And make sure that it is my class that they are all immersed in.

If all the grades begin to slip, then I will clearly see

that I need to change my tactics so no one fails because of me.

I know each person is different, and I’ll cater where I can,

And rely on that mutual respect to lend a helping hand.

I like to teach more hands-on than most old methods allow.

I don’t just want to give the facts without the why and how.

If students have a question that is not in the book,

I won’t say, “That’s not the lesson.”  I’ll say, “Let’s have a look

And see what we can find to help you understand it best.

But let’s not get too distracted.  This won’t be on the test.”

Engaging my students in each course and in each lesson

Will help me gain their trust and aid their fears to lessen.

The more comfortable my students are, the happier they’ll be

To do what they can to understand each thing they learn from me.

The ways in which I teach and learn will likely change with time.

As science progresses, many things fall out of line.

As each decade passes, old things become obsolete.

The way that things were done once is now not so concrete.

Where textbooks were the standard, now there are many screens

Of computers and tablets and other such machines.

Some schools still test on paper, but many now take the route

Of testing through computers; pen and ink are phasing out.

To cater to the students and the things that they know best,

I will try to keep up with the times for homework, books, and tests.

I know that doing this will help my students, and impress

Upon them that I mean it when I say that I’ll invest

My time and energy to making sure that they can learn

The way that works the best for them, when I’m able to discern.

I don’t just want to teach a class; I want students to yearn

For more knowledge and experience before the class adjourns.

I know that there’s still much for me to learn before I start,

But I have high hopes for where this all will lead if I am smart.


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