Lost Myself for a While

I lost myself for a while in a mess of normalcy and expectations.

There’s this constant struggle between following your dreams and sticking with the tried and proven methods that work.  I’ve been living in the latter for too long, again, true to my patterns of ebbing and flowing between passions and necessities.

No more.

No more, she says, as if that were a solid statement meant to finalize this ever-changing mess.

No more, for now.

Queries to Agents and Publishing companies alike have resulted in nothing but automated responses (at best), and my obsessing over how much they really mean it when they tell you not to submit more than once.  That being said, I have decided that the Mentalist series will be self-published, and it will be launching within the week.  If I fail, I fail, but I have never been the type that can sit around waiting for someone’s approval in order to further my own goals.

Hasty and foolish of me, perhaps, but if ever there were a time when this might be wise, it is now.  I am presently a body containing nothing but free time, and it’s time that I move toward building my own bridges instead of petitioning someone to build them for me.

Once the Mentalists: First Quest is out there, I have a handful of smaller projects that I will be working on to really see where my forte is.  There are a few genres I’ve been interested in dabbling in to see if I would be any good at them, and it will be a nice distraction from this major project I’ve been absorbed in (as well as the plethora of other things I need distracting from).

I will keep this blog updated on progress and teasers for those other projects, as well as any new information on the second book of the Mentalist series (which I have outlined in full already and am just waiting for the inspiration to return).

Thank you to all of the people who have been reading this blog, even when I haven’t been updating it.  I look forward to bringing new content, once again. 🙂


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