“First Quest” Releases May 17th! Finally!

2.2Pre-orders are finally available for First Quest, the first book of a 3-book series called The Mentalists.  The book is a full-length novel available from Kindle Direct Publishing as an e-book. I intend to have this available for print by the time the book releases on May 17th,
2017, as well. Click here to pre-order now, or read the rest of this article for a short synopsis.

First Quest follows Daveth Dwight, a stable-boy whose dreams of becoming a White Knight are realized in a string of events that most others consider coincidental. Daveth knows a dark truth about his timely fortune, but convinces himself that the ends justify the means.  Once joining the Knights, the young man is faced with the realization that he’s barely suited for Knighthood.  Desperate to prove himself to the heroes of his youth, Daveth takes on a mission to rescue a princess from the grips of a thieving dragon. Princess-kidnappings are commonplace in the land of Alffa, and a staple to any aspiring-Knight’s claim to fame.

The whole trip goes south quickly as Daveth faces constant reminders that happily-ever-after is a fairy tale, and he finds himself faced against powers that have lain dormant for centuries. More troublesome than that, though, is the young man’s stature and physique being unsuited for the task that he had taken on. Struggling with his pride and perceived inadequacies, Daveth faces each challenge head-on despite the odds being against him in every fashion.

As the trip progresses, it becomes clear to the hero that there is more to his mission than your run-of-the-mill princess-kidnapping. With help from a few friends he makes along the way, Daveth must overcome trials of wit, strength, and meddle to save the princess and return her home safely…if he can.

First Quest is a full-length novel that is appropriate for all ages, with one extremely subtle sexual reference, and a handful of curse words (hell, damn, shit). While targeted toward adult-readers, this book also fits in the Young Adult category due to its easy-reading format.

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments here, or click here to pre-order now!


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