An Aptly-Titled Update

I just took a glance through all of the topics I’ve breached since the very beginning of this, and wanted to post a summarized update (you know, an actually-up-to-date-update) on all topics for anyone who is interested. So, let’s get started.

Children’s Books:

Honestly, I have all but given up finding an illustrator that can do this at a price I can afford. I have hope that, eventually, the funds will be there to make this work. I’ve not made any progress, or attempted to make any progress, on furthering this project. I do have good reason for that, though: I have too many other things going on. It makes more sense to prioritize what’s possible, instead of focusing on trying to fix what cannot be fixed. I am still keeping my eye out for someone to partner with on this, but it’s no longer an active search.

Poetry Book:

As some of you already know, this book is on another Free Promotion that runs from May 11 to May 15, over Mother’s Day weekend. After that, the price has dropped down to a dollar. I much appreciate all those that invested in the work when it first released, but not a single copy has sold since then. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, since I figure there’s not a giant market on poetry to begin with. To any who are interested in the free download during the timeframe, or purchasing the book for $0.99 USD, you can click here to access the page.

First Quest Novel:

There are reserves/pre-orders being taken for the digital version, which was intended to give me a chance to change a few little things before the launch date. However, it took me several days to get the cover to fit the requirements for the paperback copy and, once it did, Amazon published it without an option for pre-order. So, despite the counter-intuitive nature of what I’m about to say, the digital copy can be pre-ordered now for its release on May 17th, but the paperback is available for purchase right now. The digital copy can be pre-ordered by following this link, and will have a $6.99 price point. The paperback copy can be purchased outright at this link, but will have a $12.99 price point.

I have already gotten several purchases on the paperback copy, and appreciate all of the support of my friends, family, and strangers in trying to help me market this by myself. If things go well, I want to set up a way for people to get their copies signed that will not break the bank for anyone, but for now I am settled on a plain release. Any input on this topic would be more than appreciated, but I will be looking it up as well in the near future.

Boulder City Chronicles:

Most of what has already been posted for BCC was content that I have had for years, save for the last 2 (maybe 3?) parts. That said, anything else that goes into the chronicles may be reserved for future publications, or the potential for a webcomic series. I feel it would do really well with visual aide, but am not actively pursuing this as I haven’t seen much of an interest in the series. Granted, that is likely due to my own inactivity. If you haven’t yet taken a look at the series, go here to get started reading it in its entirety. I highly recommend starting with Part 0 and working your way up, but whatever makes you happy.

If anyone is opposed to me stopping this series or has feedback on that topic, please let me know. It’s hard to tell what people are reading, what they like, and what PARTS they like in order to justify continuing dedicating time to a project. Your feedback might just get you what you want 😉


I moved, and since then have barely cooked. Anyone who likes being in the kitchen should understand when I say: I have none of my tools, I can barely fit in this room, it’s uncomfortable and seems dirty no matter how much I clean it, and I refuse to work under these conditions!

General Update:

It is getting warmer, and I live in a house with no air conditioning. My computer is meant for gaming, and so only contributes to the heat in this place. The hope is that I can find a window-unit before it gets too gross in here so that I can continue to write without my hands sticking to everything (it gets really humid here, as well).


Those are all of the points that I think needed to be made. If I missed anything that you were wondering about, though, let me know in the comments. I would be more than happy to fill in the blanks.

As always, thank you for reading.


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